Genevieve Johnson

Office Administrator

Genevieve Johnson was born and raised in the San Joaquin Valley. She attended high school at Central Valley Christian then moved to the San Francisco Bay Area for vocational education. Following her schooling she moved back home to work. She has had various lines of work but has most recently found herself in administrative roles where she is able to use her passion for service to the fullest. 

Genevieve has been on the volunteering end of ministry throughout her life. Most recently, she has been very happy to return to involvement with Teens Encounter Christ (T.E.C.) however her main ministry continues to be raising her three children; Geneveive says, “being a mother is the best, and the most important job I have ever had. Thankfully God does it with me.”  Her two highschoolers and second grader attend Central Valley Christian. Genevieve loves to explore new places, both on her own and with her kids. She loves learning new things everyday through new experiences and the relationships she builds. She has been a part of Imago from the beginning, from the small gatherings in living rooms to outreach in the community and Sunday worship, Genevieve loves to serve the Imago community with her administrative gifts by working in the background and helping Sunday worship flow a little smoother.